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We have two kinds of news on this site:
Copies of our monthly newsletter, just below;
Our Activities Page, with pictures and articles.

Lucky Calendar winners are now on the BCHC State Site.

Here are 12 month's worth of Newsletters. In July, for instance, we replace the previous year's July edition with the current one. Note they are PDF, and they vary in size.

May 2023 (PDF, 9.4 MB)

April 2023 (PDF, 17 MB)

March 2023 (PDF, 14 MB)

February 2023 (PDF, 16 MB)

January 2023 (PDF, 22 MB)

December 2022 (PDF, 8.9 MB)

November 2022 (PDF, 10.9 MB)

October 2022 (PDF, 25.6 MB)

September 2022 (PDF, 24.3 MB)

August 2022 (PDF, 24.5 MB)

July 2022 (PDF, 5.5 MB)

June 2022 (PDF, 14.3 MB)

Backcountry Horsemen of California - Mid Valley Unit
PO Box 1709
Modesto CA 95353-1709

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