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Work Parties


Group of men with cross-cut saws

Kibbie Ridge
Two men using cross-cut saw

Huckleberry Lake
BCHC members with monster trout

We don't work ALL the time; someone has to catch dinner.

Work parties are what set us apart from social horse clubs. We spend a lot of time cutting through trees that have blocked the trail, packing out litter and generally making the back country a nicer place. When we clear a trail, it benefits all of the other people who use the back country.

Due to our insurance, you MUST be a member to work with us.
You can join on the day we head out, if you have your checkbook with you, but it would be better for you to visit our Membership Page and join a couple of weeks ahead of time.

We ask everyone to fill in a Medical Data Form, just in case. You can seal it in an envelope, write your name on the outside and give it to the work party leader. He/She will give it back, still sealed, if we don't have to use it.

Please read our Trail Safety Guidelines (PDF, 424KB) at least once a year.

We encourage new participants on these trips, even if you don't pack. We will help anyone to get acclimated to back country travel. You just need a well trained, acclimated horse or mule and the willingness to make the back country a better place for everyone.

We have Recreational Rides, service rides and parades on a separate page.

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