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President's Monthly Message


February 2024

David Rumsey

Howdy everyone,

I would like to introduce myself for those whom might not know me. I am David Rumsey and I happen to be the new president of our unit. I am a bit nervous about my new job as president as I have some mighty big boots to fill. Others have done an outstanding job of leading our unit in the past. Seems like the first meeting is always a bit of a challenge, sometimes more than less. I look forward to serving as your president as I consider this to be an honor and privilege to be able to lead our unit for the next year. Speaking of leading our unit, it is the voice of our members that should be leading this unit. It is important to realize and remember that the membership should be guiding the board on how they would like to see this organization grow and develop. Without hearing the voice of the membership, our board will continue to make the decisions necessary to keep it going to the best of their ability. Do not misunderstand what I am saying, our current and past board members have and will continue to do an outstanding job running our unit. What I am saying is that with 300+ members in our unit, we would like to hear from you, both good and bad, so we can try to make changes on how we do things within our unit. So please show up to our monthly meetings and let us know what you're thinking. If we do not hear from our members, we do not know.

I am really, really looking forward to getting past these knees aching after my double knee replacement, not sure doubling down was the best decision I ever made. My hat's off to Jim, as he got back in the saddle after twelve weeks. Not sure if I can pull that one off, but I am only at ten weeks now. Looking forward to many more. Thank you.

David Rumsey, President

(Our President writes a message every month for the newsletter.)

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