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July, 2019

Jim Westmoreland

Greetings to everyone! The time has finally come for the opening of the Crabtree trail head and the Pine Valley Horse Camp that are part of the gateway to the beautiful Emigrant Wilderness. They have been closed due to heavy snows last winter and dead trees that are a hazard to people, cars, and livestock. At this writing they are still closed to the public, but according to my information their projected opening is July 15th. This past week I received a call from Terry Ryan stating that he had filled the water tank at Pine Valley and that it is ready to go. Thank you, Terry!

This last month we have been horse camping at Kerrick Corral which is just down the hill from the Aspen Meadow Pack Station and it has been great! Although the trails are in need of maintenance the weather has been perfect with warm days and those cool nights, just right for sleeping. Just last week we horse camped up and met a group led by Victor Pedroza. His group was preparing the area for about 60 riders to do a trail trials event. They warmly invited us to their camp where we were fed and entertained. What a great group of horse people. My many thanks to Victor and others who cleared the trails in that area. Victor is also a member of our unit and a man of warmth and friendship.

I hope you all have been reading your e-mails from Mid-Valley Backcountry Horsemen Unit. Bob Magee and Christine Kaplan have been our e-mail specialist to keep everyone current on our membership lists and events. Carl Perry has put together a schedule of trail clearing work party dates. If you would like to attend any of those events you are welcome to join with us. There is something for everyone to do. You don't have to know how to run a saw (chain or crosscut) to help out. If you would like to join us, please come. There are some projects where we need to know who's coming so we can plan for food purchasing but others are not. Just come and do what you can. We need you! Please feel free to call me any time if you have questions or concerns.

I have to tell you about Dennis Wetherington. He called me a few weeks ago and asked if I was still looking for a mule. Of course I said yes, and he responded, "Would you like Henry? I haven't ridden him much and he just stands in the pasture."

Now, Dennis is a very high energy and physically fit guy and enjoys hiking more than riding. I have been on trail clearing projects with him where he has out worked us all. So, through the generosity of Dennis and Donna, we now have a packing and riding mule. Maybe not a 12,000 or even 6,000 dollar one but a good one. Thank you to the Wetheringtons. Update: I have been riding and packing Henry and he has become part of the family. He is happy in our little herd and wants to get along with all, especially with our sometimes cranky mares.

Not lastly - Stephanie Stott has put together our annual outing at Kennedy Meadows Resort July 25-29. This includes one of our three annual general meetings. We would love to have your input. Membership is required for this event but if you would like to bring your friends, family and neighbors to this beautiful place, the price of membership of 50-60 dollars is a small price to pay for camping in such a picturesque place as Kennedy Meadows.

And now lastly, a special thanks to Dave Moser for his devotion to our unit and others for teaching and certifying us in chain saw and crosscut saw use. This aligns us with the forest service in working in the back country. I extend my gratitude to all who serve so generously with time, talents, and resources in the Mid Valley Unit.

Mp> Hope to see you on the trail and remember, horses and mules learn from the release of pressure.

Jim Westmoreland

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