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Pine Valley Trail Clearing

We cleared the trail to Pine Valley Camp for three days, July 19 - 21, 2019.
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BCHC Forest intern Julia Heller

01) BCHC Forest intern Julia Heller.

Group photo of BCHC Volunteers

02) (L to R) Chris Westmoreland, Vicki Morales, John Marshall, Julia Heller, Joe Hoover, Evan Rahilly, Julie Perry, Nancy Marquardt, Carl Perry, Jim Westmoreland.
Photographer: Dennis Serpa.

Picnic dinner in Sierra Nevada

03) The crew eating dinner in Pine Valley.

Dog guarding a trailer

04) Our Mascot (Speck) guarding the Dutch Oven Trailer.

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Pine Valley Trail Clearing

by Carl Perry

Pine Valley trail clearing and cleanup was held on July 19th through July 21st. Riders that helped clear trails were Dennis Serpa, Julia Heller, Jim and Chris Westmoreland, John Marshall, Vicki Morales, Joe Hoover, Nancy Marquardt, Sandy and Evan Rahilly, Julie and I. On Saturday we started out shortly after 8 am and worked until 3pm. Plenty of bottled water was available for everyone. The day consisted of making 45 cuts and removing downed logs from the trail.

Our unit supplied meals for the three day event. Our unit trailer was pulled up to the camp by Vicki Whisler. She and Dave Rumsey teamed up to cook up the best meals ever provided for a work party.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner was served on Saturday. Lunch meats and snacks were placed on the table at breakfast time and everyone made their own. On Saturday night Dave smoked up 5 tri-tips. We actually fed 22 people that night including two forest security guards that help keep our road open at the Pine Valley turn off.

There were other people that joined up to clean the Pine Valley camp while we were out clearing paths on the mud lake loop. They were Bob Magee, Dave Rumsey, Vicki Whisler and Julia's boyfriend Paulo. They did a great job piling up all the debris around trees so that campers wouldn't have to rake up or trip over them. We had great participation from the unit. The road to Pine Valley is in excellent condition and ready for you to enjoy.

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