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Spring Campout

We got together at the Rumsey's Mother Lode Ranch for three days of camping out and riding on April 26 - 28, 2019.
All photos courtesy of Carl Perry.
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Horse, horse trailer, RV

01) Gracie the horse checking out the campout

Bob Magee, General meeting

02) Bob Magee talking at the General meeting

Jim Westmoreland, BCHC members

03) President Jim Westmoreland talking about new classes for drivers towing trailers

staging area, campers and tents

04) The staging area, where everyone parked their campers and pitched their tents

Lee Erickson, dog, steep hill

05) Lee Erickson and his dog riding up a steep hill on the ranch

Nathan and Kristi Moore, tents

06) The Nathan and Kristi Moore authentic camping hacienda

Kids lined up

07) Kids lined up to break the pinata

Campout crowd

08) The campout crowd watching the pinata breaking

Kids cleaning up litter

09) The kids cleaning up all the candy and papers on the ground

People lined up to eat

10) Everyone lined up to eat the potluck dinner

Julie, Steve and Jean

11) Julie, Steve and Jean

Cowboy Church, Doug Dollarhide

12) Cowboy Church, led by Doug Dollarhide

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Spring Campout

by Carl Perry

The Mid Valley Spring Campout on April 26-28 was a huge success. The weather always plays an important role in our outings and this weekend was as perfect as can be. The hills were green and lush. The trails were a challenge as the grass grew over most of them. The mountains roads were a pleasure to ride this time. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I had no complaints from anyone.

The weekend started with campers parking under the spacious trees of the Rumsey ranch. There was plenty of room and everyone fit comfortably. Saturday morning started off with a loaded breakfast thought out by Vicki Whisler and Julie Perry. The menu included eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fruit, juice and milk. After breakfast we had a short general meeting talking about a change of a by-law and the proposed new DMV license that good affect us all that pull trailers in a positive way.

People scattered after that and did whatever they wanted to do on the ranch. At 1pm the crowd joined forces again for the traditional ice cream social. Many had two and three helpings. One little boy told me he went to the ice cream bar four times with the biggest smile on his face. This is what our campout was designed for, our youth, camping with their families. The pi¤ata quality ain't what the used to be, tough that is, as the hook that was attached pulled out. Dave tied the rope around the head but after a couple of good whacks from the kids the whole head separated. The candy was shattered all over and Dave's deed was done. After picking up all the candy Dave had all the kids line up and perform their leave no trace duties. Good job Dave!

The highlight of the campout was the exhibition of our sponsored MJC intercollegiate pack team. They performed a mock showing of Bishop mule days. People that have never been to Bishop really enjoyed the energy that these students need to have to compete. They had a little mix up one time but that's why practice makes perfect. They are again going for the gold!!

Stephanie prepared a rock painting session for the kids. It was a big hit and believe me we have some artists amongst them. Then the left over paint went on the paint horses and mules for the youth parade. The kids decorated their horses with glitter and ribbons and had a lot of fun using their own imaginations. The parade is always one of the bright spots of the weekend for our youth. It was great to see our future having the time of their life. Thank you Chris and Stephanie

The finale was our potluck dinner. There were 75 people that attended the potluck dinner. There was more food prepared than we could eat. There wasn't much room left in our stomachs but we always seem to fill in the cracks somehow with those dutch oven desserts. Lance Kell completed our weekend with his total satisfying country music and dancing. We even got Kaycee Rumsey on the dance floor.

We had a continental breakfast and Cowboy church on Sunday morning and some riders took advantage of their riding pleasures. This was one of our best events. If you missed it maybe we'll see you next year and bring your kids or grandkids. It's a family tradition!

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