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Spring Poker Ride

We had a poker ride on March 23, 2019. On a "Poker Ride", if the term is new to you, riders collect a card at each of five stations and make the best poker hand they can.
All photos courtesy of Stephanie Stott.

Preparing for the ride

01) Preparing for the ride

Makin' bacon for the riders

02) Makin' bacon for the riders


03) Riders


04) Riders


05) Riders


06) Riders

Kathy, Carl and David

07) Kathy, Carl and David

Dennis Wetherington

08) Dennis Wetherington

Children and mule

09) We're a family-friendly organization.

A winning hand

10) A winning hand

St. Patrick's day mule

11) St. Patrick's day mule

Stephanie, Lloyd and Jerrie Ann

12) (L-R) Stephanie (Organizer), Lloyd (highest hand) and Jerrie Ann (lowest hand)

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