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Fixing the Water Trough

Karen Lopes writes:

While we were at the Youth Camp at Kerrick Corrals, [June 22 - 24, 2018] Doug Dollarhide headed up a Water Trough Maintenance Project. He had been up there a few weeks prior, and saw that there was a broken pipe and no water in the trough. He came to the camp with his tools and ready to work.

He and John Marshall worked on it most of the day on Friday, and even had to drive to Pinecrest for some extra supplies. Of course once you start taking that type of stuff apart, you are bound to find other things that are broken. On Saturday John and Dave Moser continued the work, and by Saturday afternoon, Doug was putting the finishing touches on the water trough. It now has a new shut off valve, and the water pipe comes in at a lower point so horses and mules won't get their bridles or halters hung up on the pipe.
All photos (below) courtesy of Karen Lopes.

[Ed. Note: This wasn't an official BCHC work party; Doug, John and Dave just saw something that needed to be done and decided to do it. Our unit has a lot of people like that.]

Doug Dollarhide working on the trough

01) Doug Dollarhide working on the trough.

Dave Moser and Doug Dollarhide

02) Dave Moser (Foreground) and Doug Dollarhide (back).

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