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Ripon Parade

We rode in the parade for the Ripon Almond Blossom Festival on February 24, 2018. We had a booth, too, to tell the public what we do. Everyone loves a parade!
All photos courtesy of Jody Rumsey.
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Katherine, Victor and Sally carry our flags

1) Katherine, Victor and Sally carry our flags.

Carl and his mules

2) Carl and his mules.


3) Dennis.


4) Sally.

John and Max

5) John and Max.

People riding horses

6) Andrew and Donald

John and Max

7) John and Max.

Dan P. and happy child

8) Dan P. and happy child

Nina and her dog

9) Nina and her dog


10) Katherine

Pop-up shelter

11) Our booth from the outside

Our booth from the inside

12) Our booth from the inside.

Cowboys eating

14) Lunch break

Susan, Donald and Julie

16) Susan, Donald and Julie.

David and Mariah in the buggy

17) David and Mariah in the buggy

John M

18) John M

Happy teens

19) Jody and two happy teens

Lunch break

20) Lunch break

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