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Winter Roundup

We had our Winter Roundup and general meeting January 6, 2018.
All photos courtesy of Jody Elaine Rumsey.
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Larry Souza and Lee Erickson

01) Larry Souza and Lee Erickson


Carl and Julie Perry

03) Carl and Julie Perry


Vicki and Cathy

05) Vicki and Cathy

Dan Prine

06) Dan Prine and his mom enjoying the dinner


Ozzie Rorabaugh Memorial Storyboard

08) Ozzie Rorabaugh Memorial Storyboard

Ozzie Rorabaugh Memorial Storyboard

09) Ozzie Rorabaugh Memorial Storyboard

Lane Kell

10) Lane Kell singing for us.

People at buffet line

11) Sally, Vicki and numerous others going through the food line.

Dave Moser

12) Dave Moser

Craig Stott

13) Craig Stott checking out the raffle items

The Rumsey ladies

14) The Rumsey ladies, Kaycee, Jody, Kaitlyn and Mikayla, checking in the guests and selling raffle tickets


Debra Mason

16) Debra Mason

Carl and Anna

17) Carl and Anna talking

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Winter Roundup

by Kathy Zumbrunn

Photos by Kathy Zumbrunn and Joan Tilbury

I want to start this article by saying a BIG THANK YOU to the Winter Round-Up Chairmen, David and Jody Rumsey, their daughters, and the Round-Up committee who put on a smashing good party this year! Although attendance was down (only 107 attendees), everyone who was there had a great time!

The dinner, catered by L & M Blodgett Catering, was delightful! Great chicken and ribs! Lance Kell kept the music fun, as he walked around singing and having guests sing along with him. He also kept it low enough so we could enjoy the music and still visit with our friends. No shouting necessary! Everyone donated plenty of wonderful raffle items this year, and the tickets were being bought by the handful! Hopefully, everyone was lucky enough to come home with a new treasure.

Speaking of luck, Ric Tilbury won the 50/50 raffle. It took him a while to sort through all his tickets, but let out a "wah-hoo!" when he realized he had the winning ticket. And after all that, he simply took back the cost of the tickets and donated the rest of the winnings back to Mid Valley. Thank you for your generosity, Ric!

We took time to do a little business and elected our seven new Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 term. They are: Stephanie Stott, Mary Beth Baglione, Michael King, Bob Magee, John Marshall, Dave Moser and Carl Perry. Thank you, and I know you will do a great job for Mid Valley. We also introduced four new members: Chuck and Rita Mornard, Kim Prout and Victoria Adams. Welcome!

We conducted a nice memorial/tribute to Ozzie Rorabaugh, complete with a photo storyboard, the Mid Valley scrapbooks and a pair of his saddles. A couple of members got up and shared some stories about Ozzie. He was a good friend who will be missed, but not be forgotten.

With the New Year's Day Ride at Red Hills and this Winter Round-Up, it looks like Mid Valley BCHC is off to a great year. I'm looking forward to the next event. Happy trails, everyone!

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