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Red Hills Potluck and Ride

We held our annual (since 2011) New Year's Day potluck and ride at Red Hills on January 1, 2018.
All photos courtesy of Jody Elaine Rumsey.
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Field of people cooking and eating

01) Many of our members

Field of people cooking and eating

02) Many of our members

Field of people cooking and eating

03) Many of our members

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Red Hills Potluck and Ride

by Kathy Zumbrunn

It was a gorgeous day: a blue sky with a wisp of clouds floating above, not a hint of a breeze, warm and practically t-shirt weather. No one would guess it was January first! There were at least 100 members and guests in attendance to celebrate the beginning of 2018. I had a list of 96 names on my clipboard, but I know some had come and gone before I started my head count! Many came early and had a nice ride in the hills, others came, pulled out their camp chairs and sat and visited with old friends.

The cooks set up camp, started their coals and mixed up their gastronomical delights! Guests sat among the old timers and learned things about Mid Valley BCHC, and some decided to become members themselves. There were many Dutch oven cooks and by the time the dinner bell rang, there were two tables filled with mouth-watering goodies! There were Dutch ovens filled with hearty meals and gooey desserts, plus a variety of salads, breads and assorted snacks, and desserts. If anyone went away hungry, it was their own fault!

There were many dogs wandering around all day too, and every one was on their best behavior. Not a bark or snarl was heard. It was nice to see them playing and were welcome guests in the campsite. We all had a wonderful day and agreed it was a fantastic way to start our year: with good friends and great food!

Happy New Year everyone!

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