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2017 Youth Camp

We introduced 12 young women to horse packing and LNT (Leave No Trace) camping during a three-day camping session, June 23 - June 25, 2017.
All photos courtesy of Karen Lopes.
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Girls intorducing themselves

01) The camp participants introducing themselves to each other on Friday morning.

Camp Disaster

02) "Camp Disaster", with numerous examples of things NOT to do, courtesy of John Marshall and Valerie Perry.

Dave coaching

03) Dave coaching the girls with their presentation on "Plan Ahead and Prepare".

Highline demo

04) Dave discussing the do's and don't's of a good highline.

Doug and Abby

05) Doug demonstrating saddling his mule Abby with a pack saddle.

Doug teaching the box hitch

06) Doug teaching the box hitch

Valerie and LNT

07) Valerie discussing an LNT principle with the girls.

Smiling girl on a horse

08) All smiles once the girls were on their horses!

Smiling girl on a horse

09) Different rider, same smile.

Wonderful Wrangler Elizabeth

10) Our wonderful wrangler, Elizabeth, from Aspen Meadow Pack Station, checking cinches and stirrups on the trail.

Girls eating lunch

11) Lunch stop near Bell Creek.

Line of horseback riders

12) On the trail to Pine Valley

Horseback riders

14) Friday's ride under the Dodge Ridge Ski Lifts!

Happy Campers

15) Hanging out at camp.

Bubble Gum blowing contest

16) Bubble Gum blowing contest!

hula hoop contest

17) Fun with the hula hoop contest!


18) Rylee practicing the LNT Principle, "Leave What You Find." She had found a beautiful heart shaped rock that she returned to the Wilderness!

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2017 Youth Horse Camp

by Karen Lopes

Well, it was another great year for our 5th annual Mid Valley Youth Horse Camp, which took place June 23rd - 25th.We had 12 participants this year; and they just happen to be all girls!In addition to our regular schedule of discussing BCHC's history and purpose, as well as covering the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, and spending time in the saddle on both Friday and Saturday; here are some of the highlights from the event, which took place at Kerrick Corrals in the Stanislaus National Forest:

As always, our most sincere appreciation goes out to our dear friend Teri Arrington, who has been our main sponsor since the inception of this Youth Camp 5 years ago. She continues to provide a generous check that funds the entire camp, allowing us to offer this camp to our youth members for FREE! In addition, many thanks to Seth and Doug at Aspen Meadows Pack Station, for their steady stock and caring wranglers that kept our kids safe on the trails!

If you know a youth that will be between the ages of 9-14 next year, please encourage them to complete an application; they are available on our web site usually by the end of March each year. Anyone interested can contact Karen Lopes at kdlcowgirl66@gmail.com if you would like more information about the 2018 Mid Valley Youth Horse Camp.

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