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Mud Lake Trail Clearing

July 8-10, 2016: We packed in and spent a long weekend clearing the trails around Mud Lake, in Stanislaus National Forest.
All photos courtesy of Carl Perry and Jerrie Ann.

Pack String heading in.

Pack String heading in.

Trail Before Trail After

Before and after pictures of one section of trail.

Cluttered Trail

Cluttered Trail

Clearing logs

Clearing logs. (Mud Lake is just outside the boundry of the Emigrant Wilderness Area, so we could use chainsaws. Inside the wilderness area, we use 12-foot cross-cut saws.)

Group photo in the wilderness

Group photo, with dog too late to photo-bomb.

Fallen Tree

Some would see this as an obstacle. We saw it as a challenge.

Men with chainsaws

Saw it as a challenge, indeed.

Man with chainsaw

Less challemge than there was . . .

Man in front of a lake

Despite the name, Mud Lake is a clear jewel in the high Sierra

Lady with banner

Lady BCHC member with a banner telling the public who we are.

Two well-aged ladies

Two of the crew

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