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Trail Skills Day

Trail Skills Day at Diamond Bar Arena

by Karen Lopes

Last year, after our first Youth Horse Camp, our committee talked about getting the participants together for a follow-up event. We tried to do just that last November, but didn't have enough interest to carry it out. This year, we decided that we needed to do our follow-up soon after the Youth Horse Camp which was held at the end of June. We contacted Shane Parsons, and for just the $10 haul in fee, he allowed us to use the warm up arena as well as the obstacle course. We contacted our participants from the first and second year horse camps (that were current members) and ended up with nine young smiling faces on August 9 at the Diamond Bar Arena. Valerie, John and I rode with the nine youths while we completed some warm up exercises. We did "Follow the Leader", "Passing", "Whoa", the "Egg and Spoon" ride, as well as the "Water in the Cup" ride. All of these fun little activities showed just how much control our young riders had over their mounts, and I have to say, we were all very impressed! These kids handled their horses with finesse and grace!

We then took a short break for some drinks and an introduction to the rest of our Mid Valley members that were there to help. Dave Moser brought Sparky the Mule, and Carl Perry gave an individual lesson on tying the box hitch to nearly every single kid! We got back on our horses and headed out to the Trail Course! Shane was so kind as to fill up the water pond! We divided the kids into groups of three, and each of us worked with these small groups as we rode in and out and around the obstacles. Nathan didn't believe his horse would step up onto the tractor tire, but sure enough, he did it! Brenna's little bay wasn't too sure about the Cowboy Curtain, but with a little help and some patience, they made it through! I believe that all of the riders mastered the mountains and water crossing, as well as the narrow bridge. I'm telling you, most of these kids are ready to hit the trail! Just give them a few more years, and we will have quite the work party crew!

We are hoping that many of these young riders will come out on September 20th to show off their skills at the Trail Challenge event. It is my sincere thought that these new kids and their families will become active members in our unit, as I strongly believe that BCHC Mid Valley is a wonderful family- friendly organization.

In October there will be a Mid Valley Unit Playday event, and I expect that you'll see a lot more of these young members in action! I would like to encourage all of our youth members to join us for these youth oriented activities; even if you didn't make it to one of the horse camps. Please, if you know a youth that might be interested in our activities, give me a holler! Our Youth Camp Committee is planning various activities to help these kids prepare for a fun and safe trail riding future! Our youth participants included: Shelby, Halley, Koryn, Brenna, Nathan, Danielle, Reine, Mikayla, and Kaitlyn. Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, and friends that hauled these kids out there for a fun and educational day with the horses! Thank-you also to Victor Pedroza for helping out all day long! And again, thank-you Shane Parsons for allowing us to ride at your beautiful facility! Look for more events to come that will be focused on our youth!

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