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Clark Fork Trail Clearing

All photos courtesy of Karen Lopes.
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Two men standing in front of a large downed tree

Monster tree on Arnot Trail that we moved using the grip hoist

Two men using a Grip Hoist

Carl and Gail working Grip Hoist

Three men discussing a double bowline knot

Carl, Jim, and Ernie: "The squirrel goes around the tree, and then in the hole" "No, it goes out of the hole then around the tree!"

Four rugged men

Carl, Jim, Ernie and Rudy

Man and woman with brush loppers

Jim and Chris lopping the brush on the Manzanita Trail

Clark Fork Trail Clearing

by Karen Lopes

What a great turn out! We had over 28 BCHC Mid Valley members show up to help clear trails at Clark Fork Horse Camp. We cut at least 70 trees using the chain saws; most of those were on the trail that heads down river towards the bridges, while some of them were on the trail that connects the horse camp to Iceberg Meadow.

We cut or moved another 10 trees with the cross cut saw or the grip hoist. This of course is necessary while working within the boundaries of the Wilderness areas. We cleared a total of approximately 12 front country trail miles, in addition, another 7 miles within the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness.

[Ed. Note: A Grip Hoist is like a come-along on steroids; it uses a series of winches and levers to enable ordinary people to move several tons of whatever, although slowly. Motors of any kind, from chainsaws up to 450-horse off-road vehicles, are prohibited in wilderness areas, no matter how good the cause.]

We had at least 7 members who carried the proper certification for using this equipment in the National Forests, while the rest of the work crews helped with lopping and clearing the trails of the brush, limbs, and cut logs. In addition, Claudia and Darla showed up Saturday night and prepared a delicious meal of burritos, beans and rice and all the fixings! Most of the crews put in a good 9+ hour workdays for Thursday through Saturday. The trail downriver towards the bridge was almost completed, they had some difficulty finding the old trail. It has been many years since that trail has been maintained.

The Manzanita Trail that goes downriver on the opposite side of the road was cleared and we can now make it all the way to Fence Creek campground. The trail starting at the end of the horse camp road that leads to Iceberg Meadow is also clear of downed logs, and much of the brush that was growing into the trail has been cut back. The Arnot Trail is clear for the first two hours, and if you head up Woods Gulch, you can get to the top to the cattle gate without any trees on the switchbacks. Of course, trees fall down all the time, so I canít actually guarantee that the trails are still clear!!

Thank you to all of the members who showed up to work! Dennis, Carl, Julie, Karen B., Rudy, Kathryn, Richard H., Doug, Cathy, Garrett, Gail, Jerrie, Jim, Chris, Dan, Logan, Ernie, Ron, Dianne, Chris, Kathy, MaryBeth, Nina, Valerie, Annette, June, Claudia and Darla. American Land & Leisure again were gracious hosts and waived the fees for all of our members.

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