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Clark Fork Horse Camp Trail Clearing

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We cleared more than 60 trees along the trails from the Clark Fork Horse Camp on June 23 - 26, 2012. When we were finished you could ride unobstructed for two hours up the river, and an hour down.
All photos courtesy of Karen Lopes and Diane Stearns.
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Men and women clearing manzanita

Clearing that manzanita (and other plants)

Don Butler, Vicki Morales and Jim Westmoreland

Don Butler, Vicki Morales and Jim Westmoreland with an easy one

Large down tree at 45 degree angle

This is an accident waiting to happen, and we left it alone.

People working to clear the trail

Here are some we COULD deal with

Don Butler, Vicki Morales, Jim Westmoreland, Doug and Cathy Dollarhide

L-R: Don Butler, Vicki Morales, Jim Westmoreland (?), Doug, Cathy Dollarhide, and their son.

Ron Stearns, Van Pender, Dave Moser

Ron Stearns, Van Pender, Dave Moser

Dianne Stearns

Dianne Stearns

Ron Stearns and Dave Moser

Ron Stearns and Dave Moser

Van Pender, Ron Stearns and Dave Moser

Van Pender, Ron Stearns and Dave Moser

Dave Moser and Van Pender (maybe)

Dave Moser and Van Pender (?)

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Clark Fork Horse Camp Trail Clearing

by Karen Lopes

We had a great turn out for the trail clearing at Clark Fork Horse Camp! Thank you to all the folks who showed up to work on the trails! We had a very productive venture clearing more than 60 trees from the trails, pruning some overgrown brush, and evendoing a little rock work to improve a treacherous spot on the trail. The trail up the river from the horse camp is now cleared all the way to the second crossing, which is about a two-hour ride up the river. The trail down the river, which we are now calling "The Bridge Trail," is cleared for a good hour's ride one way. We are hopeful that next year we will finally open this trail up for the full four miles to the bridge. It hasn't been cleared in years, so there are many, many trees down, as well as overgrown brush. The trail across the road, going down the river that we call "The Manzanita Trail" has a huge tree laying on a 45-degree slope, and for safety reasons, we had to leave that tree across the trail. [See the third image from the top.] However, our many hours of Manzanita whacking last year really paid off, as that part of the trail is clear.

So, all in all, we cleared about eight miles of trail, cut over 60 trees out of the trail, and also pruned a large stretch of brush out of the trails. We used our chainsaws for most of the work, but Dave Moser showed up with his cross-cut saw on Sunday so we were able to clear the trail up river past the Wilderness boundary.

Many thanks to all of you who came to work! Thank you so much for your effortsand especially to those of you who are "Certified Chain Sawyers!" Thanks again to thevolunteers: Rudy Dezzani, Karen Barindelli, Katherine Reeves, Richard Hodgson, Doug,Cathy and Garrett Dollarhide, Ernie Warzyca, Jim Westmoreland, Don Butler, VickiMorales, Ron and Dianne Stearns, Dave Moser, Van Pender, Rich Kirchner & Raul Perez.A big thank you also goes out to American Land & Leisure for waiving thecamping fees for our work party again this year! Hope to see you all at Clark Fork next year!

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