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Pre-Summer Cleanup

BCHC Mid Valley Unit

On June 6, 2012, Sam Flippins, Dora Rocha, Isabel Suoja, Polly Schultz, Ramona Ruskamp and Kathy O’Neil headed up to Kerrick Corral and Pine Valley Horse Camp to tidy up for the summer. They worked all day picking up papers around the campsites, painting, and cleaning the restrooms. We painted 15 tables and the restroom at Kerrick Corral. Everyone worked hard all day and had a great time!
All photos courtesy of Sam Flippins.

People cleaning up

The Team - Isabel Suoja, Ramona Ruskamp, Polly Schultz, Dora Rocha and Kathy O'Neil

People cleaning up

The team in action

Polly Schultz and Ramona Ruskamp

Polly Schultz and Ramona Ruskamp

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