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Pine Valley Meeting and Work Party

We had a general meeting and work party at the Pine Valley Horse Camp in Stanislaus National Forest on the July 4th weekend, 2010.
All photos courtesy of Kathy Zumbrunn.
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Ozzie Rorabaugh

Ozzie Rorabaugh relaxing and enjoying the day.

JeriAnn King and Nancy Gross

JeriAnn King and Nancy Gross ... preparing the steaks for supper!

Nancy Gross

Nancy Gross: our camp chef.

Jean Tucker and Michael King.

Jean Tucker and Michael King.

Kim O'Hagan, Julie Dorrepaal and Terry Henne

Kim O'Hagan, Julie Dorrepaal and Terry Henne, relaxing and waiting for supper!

Terry Henne and Vicki Whisler

Terry Henne and Vicki Whisler

Jeannette and Bruce DeMott

Jeannette and Bruce DeMott

Cathy and Doug and Dollarhide

Cathy and Doug Dollarhide, their daughter and dog "Cinch": a family that plays together stays together!

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Pine Valley Meeting and Work Party

by Vicki Morales

The spring 2010 General Meeting can now be marked down as "Very Successful"! It appears that many of our members were most anxious to return to the Pine Valley Horse Camp after the long winter, as evidenced by the early arrival of 9 rigs on Thursday, July 1st alone!

Many more rigs pulled in on Friday, while the Thursday group was out scouting the trails for work that needed to be done. Unbeknownst to us, Terry Ryan had been busy before anyone, and had already cleared the trail from the PV horse camp to the Crabtree trailhead. With the trail work tasks now identified, Saturday was scheduled as a workday for us. Between the different work parties that day, we must have cleared some 40 trees from the trails. Many dead trees in the burned area had fallen during the winter and, of course, they fell onto the trails, never away from them. The Mud Lake and Coffin Hollow trails are now clear. Snow made us turn back on our venture to clear the trail to Box Springs. Snow also blocked the trail to Piute at the rock staircase.

As far as the weather was concerned, it was just perfect. Snow plants were in abundance, especially on the Bell Meadows Trail! It was like Mother Nature had redecorated. Some of the plants emerged overnight. Gorgeous!

The potluck on Saturday evening turned out as usual - delicious! We just need to time our cooking a little better with our hunger. You can imagine who was first to arrive for dinner! Nancy Gross barbecued the steaks to perfection like she usually does. After dinner, our esteemed president saw to it that we had an education/information period, as it says in our new Mid Valley Membership Handbook. The new handbooks, which were handed out to all in attendance, are even personalized. If you haven't received yours yet, you have something to look forward to. Carol Jo Hargreaves put in countless hours updating this Membership Handbook, and we all thank her for the fine product she turned out!

Each night, we gathered around our campfires and enjoyed catching up with those we had not seen for awhile. We did miss many of you, but realized many had already made plans for that weekend. Approximately 40 members were able to attend however. Some were there just for a few hours, while others were there for 5 days.

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