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Dutch Oven Demo, November 2009

We demonstrated Dutch Oven cooking to a crowd of appreciative spectators on November 7, 2009 at Crescent Supply in Modesto.
All photos courtesy of Kathy Zumbrunn.
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Vicki Morales and Jon Caudill

Vicki Morales and Jon Caudill setting up...cold and windy this morning!

Kathy Zumbrunn

Kathy Zumbrunn with the Mid Valley Year book and tickets for the Quad raffle.

Jerrie and Bob Thomas

Jerrie and Bob Thomas getting the cinnamon rolls started.

Nancy Gross

Nancy Gross preparing her Dutch oven.

Jerrie Thomas, Vicki Morales and Nancy Gross

Jerrie Thomas, Vicki Morales and Nancy Gross ... all smiles and ready to cook!

Jerrie Thomas and Vicki Morales

Jerrie Thomas and Vicki Morales mixing up their desserts.

Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas and our BCHC Rendezvous banner.

Roy Collins and Debra Mason

Roy Collins and Debra Mason trying to light the charcoal in the wind!

Jon Caudill

Jon Caudill mixing up his Sheepherder's potatoes.

Vicki Morales, Jon Caudill and Roy Collins

Spectators watching Vicki Morales, Jon Caudill and Roy Collins

Dutch Oven Demo, November 2009

by Kathy Zumbrunn

Once again Mid Valley Unit members outdid themselves with their dedication and their Dutch oven cooking expertise!

On November 7th at 9:00 AM we started showing up in front of Crescent Work and Outdoor in downtown Modesto to do our Dutch oven demonstration. The day was cold and windy but did that stop us?.Of course not! There were hugs and hellos and then we all got down to work. Tables were set up, the chimneys were filled with briquettes and lit. The ingredients were then mixed and combined and put into the Dutch ovens. Then the cooking began! Before you knew it wonderful aromas were wafting down the sidewalk and enticing all those around to come and check it out. And come they did.

I set up a table with our scrapbook, the Huckleberry Lake Trail Maintenance storyboard and an ad for our quad raffle. Many people stopped by to ask questions about packing and what Backcountry Horsemen were, and one nice man even bought a ticket! Hey, one ticket at a time.that is how it is done!

All in all there were 11 of us representing BCHC. Bob and Jerrie Thomas started us off with some cinnamon rolls, Nancy Gross cooked up some great chili beans and corn bread, Jon Caudill cooked up some very tasty Sheepherder's potatoes, and Alan Gilkison made a cherry/pineapple dump cake that disappeared within seconds of being served! We need to get that recipe for sure! Debra Mason made some Monkey Bread and Ellen Monk helped her with a wonderful Red Velvet Cake. Vicki Morales made a Chocolate Chip Zucchini cake that ended up being just a Chocolate Chip cake. There was a slight mishap with the zucchini but the cake turned out mouth watering scrumptious just the same! Roy Collins jumped in and helped where he could and John Kidd showed up and gave moral support to the group. There were plenty of spectators wandering around, asking questions of the cooks and getting the recipes. Then the samples were served and everything disappeared fast. There were many comments like: "Oh my, this is so good" and "I didn't know you could cook `THAT' in a Dutch oven!"

All in all we had a very good day. We thank everyone at Crescent Work and Outdoor for inviting us to do our demonstration and for supplying tables, briquettes, napkins, plates and spoons. Thanks to all our members that joyfully showed up and did what we do best.making it look so easy! By 1:00 we were packed up and gone, leaving not a speck of ash or trash behind, because..that is what we do!

Crescent Work and Outdoor has been a faithful and generous supporter of the Mid Valley Unit, BCHC. Please remember to visit them for your Dutch oven supply needs and other outdoor and work goods.

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