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Mother Lode Ranch Ride, October 24, 2009

We had a beautiful ride at Don and Laurel Rumsey's Mother Lode Ranch on October 24 and 25, 2009.
All photos courtesy of Rich Kirchner.
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Carl Perry, Rich Kirchner

Carl Perry, Rich Kirchner and several unknowns

Rich Kirchner, Carl Perry, Kim O'Hagan

Rich Kirchner, Carl Perry, unknown rider and Kim O'Hagan

baby rattlesnake

Snakebite medicine ... Looks like it had a preventative effect!

horses tied to highline

On the highline

The Rumsey Mother Lode Ranch Ride

by Rich Kirchner

The ride at the Mother Lode Ranch started off with the most beautiful Spring-like morning that I can remember. A total of 12 riders showed up on Saturday morning and we rode out with Don Rumsey as Trail Boss. We rode over much of his beautiful ranch, stopping at Medicine Rock to take in the panoramic view from the highest point on the ranch. A little excitement occurred when Don opened the "medicine rock" and found a one-button rattlesnake keeping company with the Butterscotch and Blackberry Brandy. Don dispatched the critter and we all celebrated our narrow escape from sure death.

The riders returned to camp for a wonderful dinner and campfire. Tall stories were told about our narrow escape from death earlier in the day.

Those in attendance were: Dan and Kim O'Hagan, Julie Dorrepaal, Carl and Julie Perry, Elton and Steve Fanter, Sandy and Barbara Newsome, Richard Hodgson, Katherine Reeves, Rainer Stabenow my wife Sandy and me.

Sunday morning brought more sunshine for a fantastic breakfast and ride before returning home. Much thanks goes to our hosts, Don and Laurel Rumsey for their generous hospitality and sharing beautiful ranch.

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