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New Hitching Rail at Crabtree Trailhead

Dave Moser, his student Uriel and Julie Martin, USFS, installed a new hitching rail
All photos courtesy of Dave Moser.
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Dave Moser and Julie Martin
Dave Moser and Julie Martin

Dave Moser and Uriel
Dave Moser and Uriel

Dave Moser and the new hitching rail
Dave Moser and the new hitching rail

New Hitching Rail

by Dave Moser

On Tuesday, August 11, 2009 my student Uriel and I installed a new hitching rail at Crabtree Trailhead. My students at the Turlock High School Metal Shop fabricated the rail from materials donated by past BCHC member Lee Hatch. Lee owns and operates Chaparral Manufacturing in Turlock California.

Uriel and I met with Julie Martin (Stanislaus Forest Public Services Program Area Leader) to get recommendations and approval on where to install the rail. We removed the last remaining and broken hitching rail at the Crabtree Trailhead and then installed the new one with four sixty-pound bags of Quick Crete Ready-Mix concrete poured around each pole. The new hitching rail is fourteen feet long and built to match the rails installed at Kerrick Corral and Pine Valley Horse Camp.

I am planning to have my students build one or two rails each year also to be installed at Crabtree Trailhead. We would appreciate donations of 3" oil pipe from any industrial resources. They would help ensure this project's continuation.

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