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Dutch Oven Group Get Together

We got together at Lloyd and Susan Erlandson's ranch on June 28, 2009 to cook up some good times.
All photos courtesy of Kathy Zumbrunn and Michael King.
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Susan Erlandson
Susan Erlandson making her dessert
Sandy Newsome
Sandy Newsome and friend

Bob Thomas, Roy Collins and Ellen Monk
Bob Thomas, Roy Collins and Ellen Monk, snacking and waiting for the 'good stuff' to get done.

Carl Perry, Julie Perry
Carl Perry making sure Julie is 'doing it right!'
Carl Perry and Barbara Newsome
Carl Perry and Barbara Newsome

Jerrie Thomas, Barbara Newsome
Jerrie Thomas and Barbara Newsome preparing their meals

Barbara Newsome
Barbara Newsome
Bob and Jerrie Ann Thomas
Bob and Jerrie Ann Thomas - mixing it up!
Jerrie Ann Thomas
Jerrie Ann Thomas and her Zucchini Casserole
Kathy Zumbrunn
Kathy Zumbrunn

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Dutch Oven Group Get Together

by Michael King

Lloyd and Susan Erlandson hosted the Dutch Oven Group (DOG) at their Washington Road home near Hilmar on Sunday, June 28, 2009.

Following May's example, the weather was again hot, touching the 105 mark or better. The cooks had a covered area to stay out of the sun, and with the continuous supply of lemonade and iced tea provided by Susan everyone seemed to be doing quite well. The Erlandsons' also have a very large lawn that provided a cool, appealing backdrop for this event.

The Dutch oven cooks at this event were: Jerrie and Bob Thomas with their zucchini casserole, Barbara and Sandy Newsome who made a home grown vegetable "eggplant noodle bake", and a second dish of fresh picked green beans and ham, and Carl and Julie Perry who made a very delicious chicken lasagna.

Carl is really getting into this cooking thing, but I am quite sure that Julie is watching him at every lift of that lid! He acts confident though, and the dishes are pretty darn good!

Bruce and Jeannette DeMott brought a refreshing fruit salad and Rudy Dezzani supplied a very nice watermelon. Susan Erlandson made a very tasty dessert called Chocolate Toffee Delight to finish fattening everyone up. On top of all the great Dutch oven dishes, we even had Hot Dogs at dinner:

Besides the hounds, others attending were Roy Collins and Ellen Monk, Kathy Zumbrunn, Brad Erlandson and Michael King.

While everything cooked, a visiting session progressed until dinner was ready at 3:00 pm. Lloyd set a serving table and two dining tables under the shade of a large tree near the house. The dishes were then set out and it was dig-in time. Every one of the entrees was simply outstanding, almost better than Thanksgiving!

Providing entertainment was Lloyd and Susan's new mule colt, named Bill. He is pretty darn cute and more than just a little bit precocious.

As far as I know right now, there is no DOG scheduled for July. However, at the next opportunity you would be well advised to participate in one of these events. The ability of the Mid Valley cooks to recognize a good recipe and run with it, or improvise or add something to make it better is amazing. The dishes these cooks are able to produce are just outstanding. I'm getting hungry again as I write this!

Better yet, how about becoming a Dutch oven cook? With a minimal investment in some supplies and a recipe you will soon get hooked on this great pastime. I know that you will have plenty of help and encouragement when you are ready. Crescent Supply in Modesto is a great source for the items you will need.

Many thanks to Lloyd and Susan for their hospitality.

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