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Pine Valley Cleanup and Ride

In June we spruced up the Pine Valley Horse Camp. In July we came back and used it for a camp out and ride.
All photos courtesy of Michael King, Bruce DeMott and Jeannette DeMott
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Horsemen amid the granite majesty of the Sierra Nevada
Horsemen amid the granite majesty of the Sierra Nevada

Horseback riders in a lush Sierra Sevada valley
Riding in through the spring growth

Two horseback riders in Pine Valley
Two members amid the pines that gave Pine Valley its name

People in a campsite
Our campsite

Happy children with tiny trout
Happy children with tiny trout

Rudy Dezzani
Rudy Dezzani and his faithful mule

Rudy Dezzani
Rudy Dezzani at the campfire

Don Butler
Don Butler

Three horseback riders crossing a creek
Crossing a creek

Rudy and friends
Rudy and friends

Two horsemen crossing a creek
Crossing the creek

Pine Valley Cleanup

by Michael King

We've all heard the saying that many hands make light work.

June 12 to the 14 was the spring-cleaning and spruce up of the Pine Valley Horse Camp. Many Mid Valley Unit members showed up and made quick work of the camp cleanup and some trail clearing to boot.

Dennis Serpa, with his wife Loretta, was the leader in getting this event organized and underway. New Mid Valley members Les and Juanita Grover came to give a hand. Other MV members that were on hand to work were Doug and Cathy Dollarhide and their son, Don Butler, Vicki Morales, Eddie Costa, Rudy Dezzani, Debra Mason, Alan Gilkison and his daughter, Sam Flippins and his daughter Kathy O'Neill, Kathy's son, daughter-in-law and grandkids, Dora Rocha, Isabel Suoja, Terry Ryan and myself.

The camp cleanup was relatively easy and was completed fairly quickly. Dora Rocha and Isabel Suoja came up while the crew was out working on the trails and repainted benches and picnic tables where needed, the USFS/PVHC sign (it looks really sharp by the way) and the toilet building where the critters chewed on it last winter. This makes me wonder: With all of the wood out there in the forest for the critters to chew on during the winter, why do they insist on chewing on the Pine Valley outhouse and the picnic tables??? Just curious ... that's the way my mind works.

On Saturday most of the contingent headed out to clear the trail to Chain Lakes. The recent past fire is really starting to have an impact on the trails in this area as the fire-killed trees begin to weaken and succumb to wind and snow, toppling over and blocking the trails. For sure, this problem will not go away soon. At least the area is close to the trailhead. The Aspen Meadows Pack Station crews and, more recently, the California Conservation Corps (CCC) had already done much work on the Pine Valley trail and other area trails. Our crew began work after turning off at Mud Lake and continued to just short of the Chain Lakes. A short section of trail, 1/4 to 1/2 mile, remains to be cleared.

After the day's work was completed, the crew returned to the PVHC where supper was prepared by bar-b-que and Dutch oven. The meal was just delicious and with the camaraderie it was a very pleasant time.

That concluded the weekend work as most people headed out early Sunday morning for previously planned activities. A few others remained for one last chance to go on a pleasure ride or try their hand at fishing.

Pine Valley Camp Out and Ride

by Vicki Morales

Great camping, great rides, great potluck, great camaraderie! That about sums up the weekend of July 11 and 12. Nineteen rigs in 8 camping spots, 37 members including 6 kids. Didnít bother to count the dogs but they even got along. Things were tight but all was great!

A special "thanks" goes out to Dan O'Hagan and Bruce DeMott for repairing the water trough. Another special "thank you" goes to John Kidd who supplied ice cream for the potluck. Dutch oven desserts are always great but ice cream really makes a great topper!

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