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Fix'n the Faucet

By Bruce DeMott

three men fixing a faucet

three men fixing a faucet

three men fixing a faucet

The valve on the Pine Valley Horse Camp water trough was busted and Don Butler brought lots of fix'n materials including a new valve, different size PVC fittings, pipe and glue.

Now those of you that were in the military learned not to answer certain questions. The First Sergeant might have asked if any of you were an engineer. If you answered; "Yes, I am an engineer." His response might well have been; "Good, then you can engineer cleaning out the latrine." You'd think I might have learned from that experience but when Don asked; "Bruce, do you have any pipe wrenches?", I said; "Yes" as Don rode off and pointed to the broken water trough valve. I should have known.

We had fun with it anyway. Dan O'Hagan is a good guy to work with and he pitched in and helped. From the picture you might think it was easy ... It wasn't. Lots of finaglin' and perseverance, a little knuckle bustin', good company and we got'er done.

Thanks Dan and thanks Mid Valley Unit for a great weekend at Pine Valley.

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