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Riverdance Farms / Heartland Festival

We demonstrated Dutch oven cooking, hitches and knots at Riverdance Farms and the Heartland Festival in May and June, 2009
All photos courtesy of Lloyd Erlandson.
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People admiring a horse

BCHC Demonstration

People admiring a horse

Riverdance Farms

by Lloyd Erlandson

On May 30th Bruce and Jeannette DeMott, my wife Susan Erlandson and myself, demonstrated the fine art of Dutch oven cooking and mule packing at the Riverdance Farms Pick and Gather weekend. Riverdance Farms is an organic fruit and nut farm on the Merced River just upstream from Livingston and the Pick and Gather Weekend is a mini crafts fair and open house. Jeannette and Susan cooked and explained the Dutch oven to who ever stopped by and Bruce and I let kids talk to the mule and horse. Carl and Julie Perry helped also during the day. It was a relaxing day with not a lot, but just enough, people to keep doing something most of the time.

Heartland Festival

by Lloyd Erlandson

On June 27th Carl and Julie Perry and I attended the Heartland Festival at Double T Acres in Stevinson. This was also a Food and Farming function to promote the organic way of farming. We both took a horse and 2 mules for people to see and touch. Carl and I practiced tying a few hitches and had some people ask a lot of questions. The day was really hot but we had shade and talked to a few people that are going to rejoin our group. This also was not well attended but we still made a few contacts.

These types of gatherings are never big events and sometimes you wonder if the effort is worth it. But I think that these things give people that don't ever see this kind of stuff a small glimpse of what we do. Most people don't realize that we are not just another riding group but also do a lot of volunteering of time and money for our parks and forests. Most are amazed at how much we do.

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