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New Melones Breakfast Ride

We came, we saw, we ate breakfast, we rode.
All photos courtesy of Cathy Dollarhide.
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Setting up the mules
Setting up the mules

Michael King and Rudy Dezzani amid the wildflowers
Michael King and Rudy Dezzani amid the wildflowers

Sandy Newsome, happy child, Michael King
Sandy Newsome, happy child, Michael King

New Melones Breakfast Ride

by Cathy Dollarhide and Jerrie Ann Thomas

Another fun ride, but a hot one - this time at Peoria Flat, is just below Jamestown. This ride even started out with breakfast as long as you were there between 8 am and 9 am. And for just $1.00! John and Helen Thomas worked hard to provide a great meal of coffee, sausage, eggs, and pancakes.

Don Butler, Vicki Morales, Debra Mason and Bob and Jerrie Thomas arrived the evening before and had a great time around the campfire. They even took a short evening ride.

It was so warm by 8am that we set up canopies for shade. By 9 am all of the riders were thinking about hitting the trail. It was a "choose your own type" of ride this day. As soon as people were done eating they headed out in groups and went for short, long or steep rides. Our friend Dave Moser even made a practice run with his string of mules.

Doug and I and our son headed out with Michael King, Sandy Newsome, Sandy's granddaughter, Debra Mason, and Rudy Dezzani. We rode for a couple hours until we reached the water of the New Melones Reservoir. Due to the drought the lake level is down very low. Here is where we took a break amidst patches of wildflowers.

After some snacks and a rest, three of the group decided to head back to camp and five of us continued on. Debra was on a mission to find the trailhead to Table Mountain - and guess what? We found it!

This is where we decided to turn back and head to camp. Whew it was hot, but a nice breeze came up and made it great for riding! We enjoyed the shady areas on the return trip. The trails were very nice - it was a good ride.

Most folks were gone when we arrived at the parking lot. I think the heat sent them home to cooler pastures. I know we didn't waste any time ourselves. We watered our horses got them in the trailer and headed home to the AC. Cooler rides ahead - looking forward to Henry Cowell and Point Reyes.

Our thanks go to everyone who helped make this a great day and a special "Thank You" to John and Helen Thomas for coming all that way just to cook for us.

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