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St. Jude's Ride

We helped raise over $8500 for St. Jude's Hospital, as part of a 4-H member's Emerald Star project, on Saturday, May 3, 2009.
All photos courtesy of Teri Arington and Kim O’Hagen.
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Amanda greeting riders
Amanda greeting riders.

Al Baptista
Heading out; Al Baptista on right.

Horseback riders going down a trail
Riders going down the trail.

Jerrie Thomas, Bob Thomas
Jerrie and Bob Thomas.

Vicki Morales, Don Butler
Vicki Morales and Don Butler.

Terri Arington and Suzie
Terri Arington and Suzie.

Rick Price
Singer Rick Price.

Tom Gookin
Tom Gookin, Cowboy Poet.

Steve Kistler, Jeannie Kistler
Ranch Owners Steve and Jeannie Kistler.

Bob Thomas, Jerrie Thomas, Carl Perry, Debbie Mason
Bob and Jerrie Thomas, Carl Perry and Debbie Mason.

Don Butler, Amanda
Don Butler receiving the top donor buckle from Amanda.

Boy with buckle
Carl Perry's grandson with his new buckle.

St. Jude’s Benefit Trail Ride

by Jerrie Ann Thomas and Vicki Morales

Well, it was a SMASH HIT! Amanda (the 4-H member) did a "stellar" job of planning and organizing, she couldn’t go wrong with a family like hers. The whole day came off without any problems. The rain stayed away and everyone had a fun ride! Following the ride we enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings cooked to perfection by Allen Day, while listening to Tom Gookin recite poetry, Blue Grass music by the Mountain Fire Band and singer Rick Price.

Don Butler was the grand donor and won the buckle, then walked over to Julie and Carl’s 5 year old grandson and gave it to him - you have never seen such big eyes. Other donors were Kim O’Hagen, Carl Perry, Adriana Coreia, and Jerrie Thomas. All walked off with gift certificates and prizes. A total of 100 riders helped to raise a grand total of over $8,500 for St Jude’s Hospital.

Steve and Jeannie Kistler were wonderful to donate their beautiful ranch and time for this 4-H Emerald Star project. It was good to see so many BCHC Mid Valley members supporting the ride.

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