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Red Hills Repair, May 3, 2009

Two of our lady members saw something wrong and fixed it. Dennise Davis writes:

Janice Paulsen, her daughter and I (all members of BCHC) were too late to make the St. Jude's Ride. They said we had just missed the last ride out. We were disappointed, but we went on to Red Hills. It was a good thing we did. We rode to the second stock water tank, where we found mosquito larva, a dead lizard, and stagnant water. This was not a good watering hole.

We took the horses up the creek and found the hose disconnected. With only a hoof pick, knife, a discarded beer can and one of our water bottles we remedied the situation. I cut up the can and our water bottle and we scooped out the bad water. Then we cleaned the tank. I reconnected the hose and tightened the hose clamp, using the hoof pick. I hope we made a difference to another rider or to the animals in Red Hills.

Janice Paulsen
Janice Paulsen cleaning the tank.

Photo by Dennise Davis.

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