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Red Hills, April 3 - 5, 2009 (1 of 3)

We had a combined general meeting, work day and ride at Red Hills (BLM land near Chinese Camp) on the weekend.

(Photos by Kathleen Zumbrunn, Dennise Davis and Christine Kaplan.)

Children in a field of yellow flowers
Children amusing themselves while the adults work.

Men and women on horses and mules
Informal group photo.

Don Butler
Don Butler compling results.

Two people in cowboy hats
Donna and Clifford directing riders.

Rudy Dezzani
Rudy Dezzani with horse.

Vickie helped with the judging.

Group of real cowboys with a dog
Waiting for Trail Trial Result.

Rudy Dezzani
Rudy Dezzani fixing grill for Barbeque.

Happy child with rocks
Rudy's helper.

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