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Dutch Oven Meeting, March 1, 2009

Our Dutch Oven Group gathered for a potluck, March 1, 2009.
All photos courtesy of Kathy Zumbrunn and Michael King.
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Dutch ovens full of food
Some of the dishes we shared.

Dutch ovens full of food
More of the dishes we shared. You don't need a $1500 stove or 21st century gadgets to make a delicious meal.

Dennise Davis
Dennise Davis, Cowgirl chef.

Three ladies
Enjoying the get-together

Sandy Newsome, Michael King , Debra Mason, Carl Perry, pedal cars
Sandy Newsome (standing), Michael King , Debra Mason and Carl Perry riding pedal cars

JeriAnn King, dog
JeriAnn King and New Friend

Rudy Dezzani
Rudy Dezzani and his dish

Susan Erlandson
Susan Erlandson

Susan Flagg
Susan Flagg

Vicki Morales, Nancy Gross
Vicki Morales and Nancy Gross

Vicki Morales
Vicki Morales

Dutch Oven Group Gathering

by Michael King

What a fantastic start for 2009! Starting off the year was the first ride of the year at Del Valle in late February. Despite the rainy conditions, there was a very good turnout.

Following close on the heels of the first ride was the first DOG (Dutch Oven Group) gathering of 2009 hosted by Sandy and Barbara Newsome at their home in Denair.

The weather was rainy but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the D.O. cooks, or those who came to offer moral support (in other words eat!). Sandy had already anticipated the weather and had an area under cover set up for the cooks to work. There was a good supply of charcoal burning and ready to go so that there would be no delay in getting the cooking started.

While the cooks were busy assembling the various dishes, guests visited with one another and occasionally split off in small groups to take mini tours of the Newsome's impressive garden. Later Sandy decided that those not cooking needed some excitement and produced some grownup size pedal cars to play with. A race of sorts ensued around the barn past the corrals and across the lawn. I don't remember being that winded as a kid doing this sort of thing! I would have had some great incriminating pictures too, had the camera not malfunctioned- darnit!

As the dishes came together and were starting to cook, the chefs were able to relax a bit and spend a little time visiting, all the while keeping a watchful eye on their ovens. It wasn't long before pleasant aromas were wafting around the patio. Olfactory sensory input had anticipation building for the dishes to get done and hit the serving table.

Sandy and Barbara prepared a very nice eating area in their garage that comfortably seated everyone in a warm dry and sheltered location. Just like a Sunday brunch, one had to scout ahead to get a feel for all of the things that you wanted to sample. Even then it was easy to run out of room on your plate before you came to the end of the dishes!

There were a good number of birthdays around the DOG day so there was a rendition of Happy Birthday sung for those folks which was much appreciated.

When it was all said and done, there was not much left in the ovens, so that it is a very good indication of the cooking ability of our D.O. cooks!

"Thank you", to all of the cooks, and to everyone who came and made this first gathering a huge success. A special thank you for Sandy and Barbara Newsome for hosting this event.

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