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Christmas Party, 2008

We got together for a Christmas party in Oakdale on December 20, 2008. We don't spend all of our time in the backcountry, and some of us clean up real nice.
All photos courtesy of Kathleen Zumbrunn.

table decoration Kathy Zumbrunn writes:

It was a huge success. The room was warm, the food was excellent and everyone had a great time. Id like to thank everyone who helped. It certainly took many people working hard to put this party together and make it run smoothly. A big thanks to Lloyd Erlandson who donated the gorgeous Christmas tree, and to Travis Johnson who was our auctioneer. Id like to thank Claudia Parrish for being Chairperson and a great organizer. Thank you to Carl and Julie Perry, Vicki Morales, Kim and Dan OHagan who worked hard to decorate the hall. I also appreciate all the help with clean-up after the party was over. A big "Thank You" to Nancy Gross and Mike Jerome for another wonderful dinner. It is a lot of work, and we want you both to know how much we appreciate all you do.

And, we sat for portraits. We don't spend all of our time in jeans.

Alan Alcock and Claudia Parrish with Mr. Snowman

Lori and Bob Pfaff

Christine Kaplan and John Kidd

Barbara and Sandy Newsome


Man and server at buffet table
Mike Jerome serving up a scrumptious supper
lady holding Breyer Horses
Kathy Zumbrunn with Breyer Horses at the auction


More portraits . . .

Ozzie Rorabaugh

Carol Jo Hargreaves and Larry Schneider

Kathy Zumbrunn and Jon Caudill

Susan Flagg and Rudy Dezzani


Two woman and an auctioneer
Claudia Parrish and Christine Kaplan checking the live auction list, Travis (our auctioneer) in back.


More portraits . . .

JeriAnn and Michael King

Jerrie Ann and Bob Thomas

Dora Rocha, Debbie Innskeep and Isabel Souja


Man and woman dancing
JeriAnn and Michael King dancing the night away


More portraits . . .

Julie and Carl Perry

Loretta and Dennis Serpa


Kim and Dan O'Hagan

Kathy and Dave Moser

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