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Christmas Parade, 2008

Columbia State Park Christmas Parade, December 14, 2008.
All photos courtesy of Kathleen Zumbrunn.
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Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and a mule
Yvonne Lara and Eddie Costa with Macho

Man on a horse with a dog in his jacket
Justin Johnson and friend

Small white mule
Dennis Serpa's mule, and our mini-banner

Man on a mule wih two burros in tow
Dennis Serpa

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in a mule-drawn sleigh
Macho, Yvonne Lara and Eddie Costa

woman with a blue ribbon
Terri Arington and her blue ribbon

And, after the parade passes through . . .

Two peole with shovels
Michael King and Jeanie Frankenstein on pooper-scooper duty

Lady with shovel
2008 President Carol Jo Hargreaves working hard

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Columbia All Equestrian Christmas Parade and Toy Drive

by Bruce De Mott, Parade Coordinator

A few snow flakes fell for those "dreaming of a white Christmas." Eddie Costa and Yvonne Lara rode in their "one horse (mule) open sleigh" and "chestnuts were (actually) roasting over an open fire" in front of the livery stable and blacksmith shop. A trailer load of toys, donated by the parade participants, were picked up by the Community Action Agency that distributes to 150 families. One of the most thrilling aspects of the parade was watching "Destiny's Crutch Adaptive Riding" win the overall first place. Those that know the CSHA parade judge, Alice Luewellen, know that she doesn't give away first places. The kids won their first place by meeting all the CSHA criteria and presentation standards. A wonderful accomplishment for kids and people who might never have been on a riding animal if not for this special riding program. Destiny's Crutch Adaptive riding program was started to assist children and adults with social, physical and mental disabilities.

Columbia coffee shop owner and Backcountry Horseman Mid Valley Unit member Mike Nelson brought coffee and treats to the sign-in area. We needed it. It was cold. The barricades were manned by Tuolumne County CAP/CSU volunteers, Don Bakka, supervisor. These folks are trained by the Highway Patrol and come equipped with uniforms and radios and are an invaluable contribution to traffic control. This control is very necessary as the parade crosses Jackson, a county road and must be kept open to through traffic.

The participants were plentiful and an estimated 100 horses were involved. The list of entries were Tuolumne Co. Sherriff's Posse; Beverly Fryer; Bustle and Beaus; Shady Ladies of the Mother Lode; 4-H Rock Creek Riders; Stephanie Clegg; Candy Graham (Current overall High Point Champion for the CSHA); Terri Arrington; Twain Harte Horsemen; River Oaks 4-H; Tuolumne Trail Riders; David and Jody Rumsey; Brittany Voss (Miss Rodeo Creston); Kaitlyn Mitchell (Miss Jr. Clements of the Clements Rodeo); CSHA, region 5; Calaveras Saddle Club Royalty, Kayte Lowry; Destiny's Crutch Adaptive Riding, Keli Noteman and group; Mid Valley unit of Backcountry Horsemen of California.

Dennis Serpa made a special effort in representing our backcountry work with his pack string complete with trail tools and vest representing the Wilderness Riders.

Thanks for all the Mid Valley help. Kim O'Hagen at the sign in area; Donna Peterson and her clean up crew; Lloyd Erlandson and his parking and parade line up crew; Grandaughter Elves, Madelyn and Jillian and costume maker, daughter, Kathryn. Special thanks to my wife, Jeannette, for putting all the information together for the parade announcer, Mike Day and all the other things she does, for example mailing out addresses and manning the sign in booth.

Thanks, Mid Valley, and Merry Christmas

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