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Fall Playday, October 18, 2008

Fall Playday at Double N Ranch, October 18, 2008.
All photos courtesy of Elton Fanter and Michael King.
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Lady on horseback wearing apron
Jerrie Ann Thomas in the Stew Race

Three people on horseback
Bruce De Mott (standing), Susan Erlandson, Lloyd Erlandson and Carl Perry

Man racing a mule
Rudy Dezzani takes a turn

Lady racing on horseback holding a letter in her teeth
Karen Lopes in the Pony Express Race

Lady racing on horseback
Susan Erlandson in the Pony Express Race

Lady on horseback with bucket
Debra Mason in the Fire Brigade Race

Man in cowboy hat on a mule
Rudy Dezzani

Two guys in cowboy hats with big smiles
Michael King and Rich Kirchner

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Mid Valley Playday 2008

By Jeannette De Mott

The Mid Valley Unit Play Day was held on October 18, 2008 at the Double N Ranch in Modesto. The day started at 10 a.m. sharp.

"Ribbon Race" was the first event. All contestants were either on mules or horseback. Individuals partnered up in 2's, then holding about a 6-foot crepe paper ribbon between them attempted to travel around the arena without breaking the ribbon. If the ribbon broke, you were out! Winners were Jerrie Ann and Bob Thomas after a close run off with Julie and Carl Perry.

"Tennis" was next on the schedule. Rackets and nerf like balls were given to each contestant who then had to travel around the arena at their fastest pace without dropping the ball. With much grace and speed...Mr. Lloyd Erlandson came in 1st.

The "Stew Race" was cookin' next. The arena was set up with 3 barrels; barrel 1 had potatoes, barrel 2 onions and barrel 3 carrots. On the far end of the arena hung a cooking apron, on the other side were 3 pumpkin baskets and at the starting line was a cook pot for all the ingredients to be placed. Riders loped to the far end, put on the apron, crossed over and picked up a pumpkin, next went to each barrel and picked up 1 item (potatoes/onion/carrot) placing them in their pumpkin basket. They then raced to the cooking pot. There they poured all the items into the pot (without missing) then returned the pumpkin to the barrel (without it rolling off), placed the apron back on the fence and sped back as fast as possible to cross the finish line. I must say we had some very fast cooks. But, our #1 cook, not to mention the fastest, was Jerri Ann Thomas on Walker.

Next came "Pony Express". All riders started by picking up an envelope posted on a pillar on the edge of the arena then weaving in and out of poles, as fast as possible and placing the mail into the mailbox without dropping the envelope. Karen Lopes whipped in and out of the poles and whirled around the arena in blazing time, taking 1st place. (Thank goodness the time didn't start until the contestant had picked up the envelope, Rudy!)

Next came LUNCH!!! The Double N graciously prepared hamburgers with all the trimming, chips and sodas. While taking time to enjoy our lunch break came the business of the Unit's General Meeting. Carl Perry presided, having all attendees/members sign in. The amendments to the by-laws were read and all were given a ballot to vote. The decision of this vote is to be announced at the November board meeting.

On with the games:

After lunch came "Litter Control". All of the contestants used a handy- dandy gripper and a large black garbage sack that they picked up from a barrel. Litter was thrown around the arena, riders collected all the litter in the garbage bag, raced around the arena and returned the full bag and gripper in place back on the barrel. Miss Karen Lopes, came in 1st (must be all that practice as a Wilderness Rider picking up trash in the wilderness)

The last event of the day was the "Fire Brigade". On one barrel was placed a bucket filled with water. Down the arena was another barrel on which was placed an empty bucket. Riders picked up the full water bucket, and in brisk fashion carried the bucket to the other barrel, pouring the water into the empty bucket. Returning as quickly as possible and placing the emptied bucket back on the original barrel. Not dropping a drip, Miss Karen Lopes returned the bucket in record time placing 1st.

I must also mention, all during the time the Games were being held, Sharon Power was holding Trail Trials in the arena next to the games. Riders were able to attend both events with no complications or problems. Sharon designed a super course and judged the event as well.

The Play Day was a huge success...horses/mules had a great time, not to mention the riders and the spectators.

A great "Thanks" to all who participated in this year's Play Day and to Karen Lopes for her help with the setup and games. Thanks, also, to the Double N for being such super hosts. And a special thanks to Sharon Power for doing a terrific job on the Trail Trials . . . hats off to Sharon.

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