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Horse Health Day, October 4, 2008

BCHC gave demonstrations and showed off our unit's activities at the Turlock Feed Horse health Days on October 4, 2008.
All photos courtesy of Kathy Zumbrunn.
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BCHC Display
Our booth display.

Bob Thomas, Sam Flippens, Lloyd Erlandson, Michael King, iron mule
Bob Thomas, Sam Flippens, Lloyd Erlandson and Michael King moving "Sparky", the Iron Mule, into place.

Dr. Craig Brooks, leg joint
Dr. Craig Brooks with leg joint.

Farrier, Steve Brooks
Farrier Steve Brooks hard at work.

Group photo
The Gang's all here!
(left - right) Sam Flippins, Lloyd Erlandson, Michael King, (friend), Jerrie Ann Thomas, Dora Rocha, Dr. Craig Brooks, Isabel Souja and Bob Thomas.

Jerrie Ann Thomas
Jerrie Ann Thomas with merchandise

Jerrie Ann Thomas, Michael King, Kathy Zumbrunn
Jerrie Ann Thomas, Michael King, Kathy Zumbrunn

Kathy Zumbrunn, iron mule
Kathy Zumbrunn and Sparky in BCHC booth.

Kathy Zumbrunn, Sam Flippens, Bob Thomas, iron mule
Kathy Zumbrunn, Sparky, Sam Flippens and Bob Thomas

Lloyd Erlandson, iron mule
Lloyd Erlandson and Sparky

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Horse Health Day

by Kathy Zumbrunn

It doesn’t matter if it is sweltering hot, freezing cold or raining ... the Backcountry Horsemen are always willing to go wherever and whenever to let the public know just who we are and what we do.

On October 4th Lloyd Erlandson, Sam Flippins, Michael King, Jerrie and Bob Thomas, Dora Rocha, Debbie Inskeep, Isabel Souja and I (Kathy Z.) attended the Turlock Feed Horse Health Day. Dave Moser dropped off "Sparky the Iron Mule" and headed back home to irrigate. Jerrie Ann Thomas brought the Mid Valley hats, vests, shirts, etc and I set up a table with some photos, scrapbook, BCHC pamphlets and Trail Books. "Sparky" stood by the table and looked pretty spiffy, dressed in his packing gear!

Joe Rosa, owner of Turlock Feed, had a nice big barn set up with hay bale seating where Dr. Craig Brooks, Equine Hoof Specialist, Steve Brooks and Lloyd Erlandson gave their presentations. Since it was a rainy morning, there were only about 35 people, but those who came enjoyed the day.

We sold a hat and three trail books, but most importantly, we made contact with some people interested in BCHC. Thank you to all who came and represented our unit.

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