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Camp Yellow Hammer, August 2008

In August 2008 we helped refurbish historic Camp Yellow Hammer.
All photos courtesy of Carl Perry.
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ladder made from saplings
An 8-foot ladder made from local supplies

Two men shingling a barn wall.
Shingling the sides of the barn

Plaque on Karl's Dome
Plaque honoring Karl Defiebre:
Karl's Dome - Named in honor of Karl Defiebre, who fished, hunted and cooked for Camp Yellow Hammer from 1928 to 1958.
From his sons, Bud and Buz Defiebre, July 24, 1977.

Group photo in front of a barn
(l to r) Andy Jr., Garrett, Andy Sr., Ernie Moreno, Julie Perry, Carl Perry, Bob Reide (camp chef). Squatting down is Glen the woodsman and horseshoer. Taking the picture was Garret's father Keith. The dog is Mattie, the Yellow Hammer Mascot. She would jump in the beds of the late risers and lick their faces.

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Camp Yellow Hammer Work Party

By Carl Perry

Camp Yellow Hammer, in the Emigrant Wilderness, is on the National Registry of Historical sites. Ernie Moreno is one of the main caretakers of this great site. Mid-Valley BCH donated $500 to the Camp Yellow Hammer restoration project and Ernie invited anyone from Mid Valley to come between August 1 and 15 to help his crew restore the barn. My wife, Julie, and I followed up on the invitation. We rode in 5 and a half hours to join the group of guys on August 3. The reception from Ernie's crew was very friendly and they treated us like family.

The first week we made an 8-foot ladder and put the shingles on the sides of the barn. The barn should be finished this year, I hope. We had to leave after 6 days but another crew was coming in to finish the roofing during the 2nd week.

Every winter the cabins are completely covered with snow and Ernie says that the first 2 weeks of August every year he tries to refurbish the buildings that need work. Last year they cut down dead timbers to rebuild the foundation and sides of the barn. Next year his plan is to start on the cook shack that has some timbers withering away from the harsh winters.

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