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Pacific Crest Trail Pack out, July 20, 2008

We retrieved the equipment of a Pacific Crest Trail crew that had been working north of Ebbetts pass.
All photos courtesy of Michael King.
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Two pack mules
All dressed up and ready to go to the dance

Man on horseback with pack mules
Eddie Costa ready to head out
[Ed. Note: Eddie has his head down and is wearing a white hat exactly the color of the white rock behind him. If you don't look carefully, he appears to be a headless horseman.]

Man on horseback
The author chatting with Lloyd

Man on horseback in rocky terrain
Lloyd Erlandson and his pack string

Two men on horseback in high desert
Riding in the drier Eastern Sierra, where there are fewer trees and more view.

Pack stock and stock trailers
Back at the trailers to unload and head for the flatlands

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Pacific Crest Trail Pack out

By Michael King

On Sunday July 20, 2008 Dennis Serpa organized a group of BCH Mid-Valley Unit members to retrieve the equipment of a Pacific Crest Trail crew that had been working north of Ebbetts pass. Dennis and another crew had packed in the trail workers' food and equipment the prior weekend.

Ed Costa and Ron DeFore, a new Mid-Valley Unit member, brought pack stock to the trailhead and went in on the nineteenth to stay overnight with the trail crew. This gave them an early start on Sunday breaking down the camp and getting it ready to load.

Lloyd Erlandson provided additional pack stock as well as a riding animal for myself. His trailer was having a small electrical problem, so we pulled out mid-afternoon on Saturday so as to travel in the daylight. We arrived near Alpine Lake with the sun still up and located a place to set up for the night. After securing the stock and feeding, we had a light dinner for ourselves and after a bit of visiting and story telling turned in for the night.

Up early the next morning we drove a short distance to Ebbetts Pass where we met up with Dennis who had traveled in that morning with his complement of pack stock. We saddled up and headed in toward Pennsylvania Creek where the PCT crew was waiting. We met some of the trail crew walking out as we were going in. After an approximate two- hour ride through the drier Eastern Sierra country we arrived. It was a great morning, with a few clouds coming in. Of course these clouds did as a lot of Sierra clouds do, and rained on us a bit as we were loading. The balance of the PCT group headed out on foot as soon as they were certain that no further assistance was needed.

The experience level was in full view as, in not much time, the loads were set up, loaded, tied and we were ready to go.

The trip out was a bit longer, with one stop required to repack a load. The scenery was just as outstanding going the other direction, and the weather cooperated the rest of the day. As it was late in the afternoon, we dropped off the gear for the trail crew to sort out, loaded up and headed for home.

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