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Pine Valley Horse Camp Work Day, June 2008

Work day at Pine Valley Horse Camp, June 21-22, 2008.
All photos courtesy of Kathleen Zumbrunn.
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Man on a white mule
Dennis Serpa ready to go out and do trail clearing

Two men on muleback

Crew building a picnic table

Two ladies painting a picnic table
Isabel Suoja and Dora Rocha painting the new table

Four people installing a steel BBQ box
Donna Peterson, Manuel De Oliveira, Darla Coelho and Nancy Gross setting a fire ring.

Crew installing a hitching rack

Crew installing a hitching rack

Crew installing a hitching rack

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Pine Valley Horse Camp Workday

By Kathy Zumbrunn

On July 21, 2008, BCHC held a workday at the Pine Valley Horse Camp and it had one heck of a turnout of members! Donna Peterson and Sam Flippins did a fine job of organizing this event. Actually, the work began on Wednesday with Terry Ryan and Don Butler clearing the trail from Pine Valley to Crabtree. Thursday, Eddie Costa and Terry Ryan cleared some on the Pine Valley Trail and Friday Eddie Costa, Terry, Don, Vicki Morales, Nancee and Jack Peebles and Bob and Jerrie Ann Thomas worked at clearing Pine Valley Trail and the Bell Meadow Trail. Saturday, Dennis Serpa, Eddie, Jack and Nancee, Christine Kaplan and Don Butler went back in and cleared more. Back at camp, approximately 31 volunteers installed 7 fire rings, 3 huge hitching posts (made by Sam), assembled and painted two camp tables and finished fixing up the outhouse.

After that was finished, a crew left Horse Camp and went over to Kerrick Corral Horse Camp to install 7 more fire rings, a camp table and two hitching posts. By the time they returned to Pine Valley Horse Camp, Nancy Gross had a big campfire going and the steaks were ready to cook. Everyone brought over their potluck goodies and a wonderful feast was had! There were a few thunder boomers and some rain, but that didn't dampen our spirits any. It simply washed the dust off our tired bodies! It was my first workday ever, and I was so proud of this wonderful group of people who joined in and "got `er done", with teamwork, smiles and sweat. What a great group of people we have!

As an added bonus, Rich Moody (President of the Tuolumne County Trails Council) and Frank Oyung (RAC Committee member and Representative from the Tuolumne County Trails Council) also joined us for the day and worked right along with us. Thank you Rich and Frank!

I'd also like to name all those who volunteered, because without you, this job wouldn't have gone so smoothly and quickly. Thank you to: Donna Peterson, Sam Flippins and daughter Kathy O'Neill, Carol Jo Hargreaves, Larry Schneider, Nancy Gross, Jerrie Ann and Bob Thomas, Christine Kaplan, Lloyd Erlandson, Ozzie Rorabaugh and his two friends Mark and Jeff, Nancy and Jack Peebles, Don Butler, Vicki Morales, Dora Rocha, Isabel Suoja, Dennis Serpa, Rich Kirchner and daughter Pamela and her son Myles, Ron Aderholdt, Carla and Manuel De Oliveira, Darla and Dave Coelho, Glenda and Tom Champlin, Eddie Costa, Terry Ryan, John Borba, and Dewey Wright.

Dave Moser and Michael King dropped by for the evening after attending the USFS Cross Cut Saw Certification class at the Summit Ranger Station in Pinecrest.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. I certainly hope I haven't left anyone's name out. If you haven't been to a workday, you should come to at least one. They are really lots of fun! See you next time, Kathy.

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