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MJC Packing Class, May 2008

The Mid-Valley unit gave a LNT and Packing Class at MJC. It concluded May 2008.
All photos courtesy of Kathleen Zumbrunn and Michael King.
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Two men with a brown horse
Sandy Newsome (l) and Dave Moser (r)

Man with a mustache explaining a pack saddle
Guest Speaker Lloyd Erlandson

Men and women around a mule
Dave Moser showing students how to put on a packsaddle

Man tying a load to a mule
Sandy Newsome instructing a student on tying a load

Man with a pack mule
Lloyd Erlandson demonstrating with a mule

Man putting a pack saddle on a mule
Student trying his hand at a mule

Man with a Dutch oven
Sandy Newsome teaching Dutch Oven Cooking

Pecan-crusted dessert in a Dutch Oven
One of the elaborate desserts a master of Dutch Oven Cooking can whip up

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Modesto Junior CollegePacking Class

by Michael King

May 29, 2008 saw the completion of the Packing, Gentle Use, Wilderness Ethics, Leave No Trace class presented by Mid Valley BCH members Sandy Newsome and Dave Moser through Modesto Junior College.

Approximately 18 students attended this month-long class that met two times per week with field trip exercises on two selected weekends.

Each evening session had time devoted to the practice of tying the box hitch, high line placement and tying, and a variety of other topics. Emphasis was placed on wilderness ethics, proper campsite selection and overall Gentle Use-Leave No Trace practices and ethics.

Additionally, each class meeting had a presenter with a topic germane to packing activity. These included:

This class was very well received and enjoyed by all. Sandy and Dave are to be given a big hand for doing such a fine job on this effort and for representing our unit so well. Special thanks are to be given to the volunteers who gave their time to make their individual presentations and contributed to the success of this class.

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